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The awards ceremony Golden Clay Tehran -2015

As in 2014, theTehran Golden Adobe Award in 2015 with the participation of Iranian and foreign guests was held in collaboration with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme in Tehran's Goft-e Gou Park. Besides, The Second World Cities Day conference entitled "Tehran golden Adobe" was held in Tehran on October 31 .

The first May Day celebration in Tehran cities

Based on the agreement between the Communications and International Affairs Tehran Municipality and representatives of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) in Iran, On 31 October 2014 the first joint ceremony at the "Dialogue Park" and attended by a number of national and municipal officials, heads of international organizations and members of the diplomatic corps, University professors, scholars, researchers, students and citizens, by Tehran Municipality in collaboration with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme held


Oct24 The deadline for project registration and document submission
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Tehran Golden Adobe Award Secretariat Office has...
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Oct13 Registration Deadline Extention Of The 4th Tehran Golden Adobe Award
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The Secretary of the 4th Tehran Golden Adobe Award has Annouced: Due to participants...
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Sep23 It is possible to take part in the Tehran Golden Abode Global Award for all cities, Urban areas and local governments
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Tehran municipality announces that is possible to participate in Tehran Golden Adobe world award for...
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Sep15 Smart, resilient and sustainable cities for everyone
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About 70 percentage of Iran's population and about 60 percentage of the world's population urb...
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The first round of the award has finished by introducing 3 projects and the second round by 24 projects. .

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