Golden Adobe Award in the area of urban infrastructure went to ‘Maziar Hosseini’, technical assistant of Tehran municipality for the construction of Niayesh tunnels. 

1-  Golden Adobe Award in the field of social and cultural projects for the development of urban tourism went to Mr.Nurian ‘CEO of bridge Nature in Tehran's Abbasabad region. 

2-  Golden Adobe Award in the field of green space development project went to ‘Mr. Ali Mohammad Mokhtari’ CEO of Parks and Green Spaces of Tehran Municipality for the Persian Garden project. 1- 4℃ cooler: using green infrastructure to build a climate resilient and prosperous, Melbourne, Australia

3-  Lisbon local development strategy for neighborhoods or areas of priority intervention (BIP/ZIP), Lisbon, Portugal

4- Anti-corruption clean construction system, Seoul, South Korea

5- Community intervention teams for young adults aged 20–29 with criminal behavior, Stockholm, Sweden

6- Promotion of healthy lifestyle, sport activities and sport infrastructure development, Kazan, Russia

7- Integrating data and monitoring utilities in a truly intelligent system, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

8- Socially inclusive zero carbon neighborhood transformation, Hamburg, Germany

9- Public bike sharing, Hangzhou, China

10- Overall practice of virtual care enhancing elderly care at home, Helsinki, Finland

11-  City of Tshwane free WI-FI, Pretoria, South Africa

12-  Hundred smart cities in India, New Delhi, India

Domestic winners:

13-  Family Garden at Amir Kabir Blvd., Shiraz, I.R. Iran

14-  The old square complex and Jameh Atiq Mosque renovation and improvement plan, Isfahan, I.R. Iran

15-  Idea City, Mashhad, I.R. Iran

16-  Atiq project, Tabriz, I.R. Iran

17-  Martyrs of Persian Gulf Lake, Tehran, I.R. Iran

18-  Qasr Garden Museum, Tehran, I.R. Iran

19-  “A Gallery As Big As a Town”, Tehran, I.R. Iran

20-  Subway Line 3, Tehran, I.R. Iran

21-  Lady of neighborhood in waste segregation, Tehran, I.R. Iran

22-  Specialized Technology Park, Tehran, I.R. Iran

23-  Community-based door-to-door and social nocturnal visits, Tehran, I.R. Iran

24-  Empowerment female head of household, Tehran, I.R. Iran

25-  “Guest of Tehran” innovative urban tourism, Tehran, I.R. Iran