4 degree reduction of city air using green space (Australia / Melbourne)
Lisbon neighborhood development strategy through prioritization (Portugal / Lisbon)
 Fight against corruption in urban construction (South Korea / Seoul)
Intelligent and integrated information system and service monitoring (Brazil / Rio de Janeiro)
Bicycle sharing system between people (China / Hangzhou)
The elderly and their safety and social health (Fundland / Helsinki)
Free wireless internet (wifi) for the general public (South Africa / Pretoria)
One Hundred Smart Cities (India / New Delhi)
Family Garden (Iran / Shiraz)
Reviving the old square and the old mosque (Iran / Isfahan)
 Idea Shahr website (Iran / Mashhad)
Revival of antique tissue
Persian Gulf Martyrs Lake (Technical-Civil Deputy and District 22 of Tehran Municipality)
Palace Museum Garden, "Turning the prison into a cultural center" (Cultural Spaces Development Company)
A gallery the size of a city and the festival of city witnesses (beautification organization)
Design and implementation of the northern half of Line 3 (Metro Company)
A worthy lady in the neighborhood in waste separation (waste management and municipality of District 11)
Fan Bazaar and City Technology Park (Center for Urban Studies and Planning)
 Tehran house to house communication and communication night plan (Center for Communication and International Affairs)
 Women's Empowerment and Employment Plan and Creating a Work Network (Women's Empowerment Headquarters)
Tehran Guest, Tehran Creative Tourism Project (Welfare Organization)
Social team intervening in delinquent behaviors of young people
Promoting social health through exercise
 Carbon-free neighborhoods

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