1. Solar Women, Nicaragua
2. Earthquake Warning System, Tehran
3. Emergency Road Network, Tehran
4. Azadi Innovation Factory, Tehran
5. Modification of the meal transformation system in schools, Kazan
6. Smart shared bicycle system (Bidood), Tehran
7. Smart street lighting supply, Amsterdam
8. Flower houses in Kala neighborhood, Baalbek
9. Tehran Transparency System, Tehran
10. Electric scooter system and application, Mexico City
11. Land of Thinking Games, Tehran
12. "City I Love" Painting Festival, Tehran
13. Repair and reconstruction of the municipal building, Ardabil
14. Preparation of instructions for design and optimization of ecological canals and reservoirs, Shiraz
15. Center for Development of Intelligent Technologies and Urban Businesses, Tehran
16. Urban Transformation Strategy, Turkestan
17. Mobile Vehicle Technical Inspection Unit, Tehran
18. Ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles; Fredericia
19. Use Safetipin to create safer and more inclusive public spaces, Gurgaon
20. Civil life in the urban courtyard, Tabriz
21. Revival of ten houses of historical texture in Naseri fence, District 11 of Tehran
22. Establishment of registration museums, war and tobacco, Tehran
23. "My Tehran" system

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