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Dr. Pirouz Hanachi Mayor of Tehran

The city is the most important human habitat in the modern era. The city platform shows the extent of civilization, participation, social life and the blossoming of the capabilities and talents of the citizens. Today that geographical boundaries do not play a restrictive and deterrent role thanks to the modern communication technologies better urban management technics and approaches can be identified through presenting and transferring global experiences to administer the cities and improve the citizens' lives qualitatively and quantitatively. These technics and approaches can then be applied with due regard to their indigenous identity as well as cultural, economic, geographical and political characteristics in different cities of the world.
The Metropolitan Municipality of Tehran, the capital of Iran, has been a pioneer in hosting international events since 2014, and has brought together men of learning and scientific and executive elites in the field of urban management from all over the world in order to provide a forum for exchanging superior urban experiences.
The fifth edition of the Tehran Golden Adobe Global Award will be held in December at a time that the whole world is hit by the spread of the corona virus -- a phenomenon unprecedented in the history and experience of the last several decades of the world, which has affected many programs, and national and international relations and interactions.
This unpleasant global experience can teach many lessons, not only for current residents and city managers, but also lessons for the future generations. Therefore, we decided to underline the experiences and actions of the world cities in the fight against the spread of the corona virus during the fifth edition of the Tehran Golden Adobe Global Award to provide an opportunity for city managers to share their thoughts and record their findings in the global memory. Let this event be a step towards improving the welfare and public health of the citizens of the world, from today to future generations; One after another!

Pirouz Hanachi
Mayor of Tehran