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Dr.Gholam Hossein Mohammadi Chairman of the Award Policy Council

Tehran Golden Adobe an Opportunity for Global Consensus
If someone was asked last year what were his prospects for the near future, it would not have crossed anyone’s mind to forecast a situation similar to what we are facing today. Last year, on the same date, as in all previous years, we were engaged in activities that have become a habit and comprised part of our lives. But events do not depend on our expectations, and destiny goes its own way. With its outbreak and spread, the corona virus has imposed concepts on the daily lives of all citizens of the world that are necessary to understand and live with in order to continue peaceful global coexistence.
The corona challenges the quality of social life, and it is no exaggeration to say that this common denominator among the earth's 8 billion inhabitants is an honest yardstick to measure the quality of social and human institutions. Have we been able to properly safeguard our coherence and interconnection? Have we succeeded in protecting the health of ourselves and our loved ones? These questions are not just fleeting thoughts and trivial concerns, but must be answered on all scales and in all areas. The main question is: how ready was the world we had built for a common unexpected event?
Global governance is not possible without coordination between local governments; just like a high wall that cannot be indifferent to the fate of its bricks it is the responsibility and mission of all of us to constantly look at the stature of this wall and strive for its survival.
The Tehran Golden Abode Global Award is a banquet for this purpose; a gathering to review scientific and practical standards in order to safeguard "global coexistence". This year too we will host city managers and officials from around the world to address another important and new question in addition to what we have all been concerned about before: How prepared was our world for this crisis, and how can we leave this calamity behind with the least harm?
Our world today more than ever needs empathy, consensus and exchange of experiences between different communities and cities. We hope that we will all overcome this crisis safely through global partnership!