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Dr. Zoheir Sabaghpour Azarian Deputy of International Affairs

Like any other metropolis, Tehran too has its own stories to tell. Like any other metropolis that relies on a platform of history and antecedent and on the pivot of millions of thoughts, beliefs and aspirations, and has drawn a perspective for its progress and elevation; a perspective on the rule of human needs and away from the hustle and bustle of machines and metal structures that drive the soul away from the social body.
Like any other metropolis, Tehran's perspective is an image connected to a network of millions of other communities that cannot be achieved without synergistic and constructive communication. For millennia and centuries, the experience of civilization and urbanization has come down to us on skin, papyrus, paper, and generation after generation, and now it is our responsibility to share this with each other as responsibly as possible. Just as all the houses and streets and alleys form a city, so the world is made up of cities and towns and social units; the connection between the constituent units of a whole can and should be continuously renewed.
Tehran Golden Adobe is an opportunity to keep alive the fire of the tradition of sharing experiences, experience and knowledge that we have all gained over time and hard, and it will lose its function if we fail to make it available to one another.
Tehran holds its arms more open than ever for a few days each year and proudly hosts city officials and activists to help improve the quality of global urban life at a banquet of empathy and collaboration.
This year, the fifth edition of Tehran Golden Adobe Global Award (TGAGA) will be held, because we need international consensus and interaction more than ever in the fight against the Corona virus.